The Key Challenge is another way to push yourself creatively and learn more about your modular synth capabilities. The key challenge show will take place on April 24th at 2 PM MST. Send in your three-minute (or less) video by April 21st for a chance to have your video showcased.

It’s not a competition, and we are not strict on the rules, but here are the guidelines for our CMSS challenge:

  • Use a random scale tool like this one to randomly pick a scale (feel free to select a scale you never have used before too)
  • Modular, semi-modular, or VCV should be the heart of the patch.
  • Send videos in by April 21st (optional: send in audio tracks for possible future compilation)
  • Videos no longer than 3 minutes
  • Videos in MP4 format 1920×1080 (landscape not vertical) -check out HandBrake if you need a file converter.
  • Please make sure it’s 100% original. There should be no noticeable samples or visuals that will give the channel or show a copyright violation.
  • Please be aware of photo-sensitive flashing and movement. If your video contains graphics with strobing please let us know.
  • Feel free to post your video on your channels after the show, but it helps if your video or clip premieres during the show. We can add links to the full video and your channel in the description.

Key Challenge

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