Freq Boutique Sign Up

Freq Boutique is a monthly hosted by WMD. It is catered around modular synthesizers and synthesists. You can think of it kind of like an open mic night for synth heads.

Every month, performers are chosen in a lottery and those that are chosen will play live on the second Monday of the month. Performances start at 7 PM MDT.

Performers will be chosen one week before the event. If you would like to perform, please read the rules below and fill out the submission form. If you are selected you will be contacted by email and will need to confirm you can play the time allotted to you.

If you are not selected you will remain signed up for future events until you are chosen. You can sign up once per month and get a better chance of playing as time goes on. All of your signups are cleared once you are chosen to play.

The event will be streamed live to the WMD YouTube channel.


  1. All performances must use a modular or semi-modular synthesizer of some sort.
  2. No computer-based “controllerism” performances. Hybrid setups okay.
  3. 20-minute sets with 5 minutes to explain the patch.
  4. Technical requirements: as this is an online edition of Freq Boutique, it is required that performers are prepared with a direct audio line and camera feed to live stream their performance to the world. We recommend that you use a wired internet connection for this as WIFI is not as reliable. You may try and use WIFI, but be advised that quality and consistency may suffer.
  5. After your performance, we will still conduct the Q&A portion of the event. This will require that you either have a microphone to speak into or that you switch your source to the built-in mic on your laptop for the interview. Please test your setups before the performance to make this as easy as possible.

In case of questions please contact Alex at

If you are not chosen, please come back and submit again!

As we cannot gather in our beloved venue, Fort Greene Bar, we are taking to the internet. Please consider supporting the bar by ordering a drink to go, buying a gift card, or donating to their tip pool here: