Modular Synthesizers Celebrated

The Colorado Modular Synth Society and Luigi’s Modular Supply host a FREE all-day festival focused on modular synthesis, the people who play them and build them once a year.

Colorado Modular Synth Festival 2019

The Colorado Modular Synth Festival (CMSF) is made up of live music, interactive hands-on activities, and educational talks. This event is designed for kids and adults interested in synthesizers, electronic music, and electronics.

The event takes place at Belmar Plaza (464 S Teller St, Lakewood, CO 80226) and the surrounding businesses. It is an outdoor all-day event.

Colorado Modular Synth Festival

In 2019, we have over 20 performers and speakers. Artists played with a modular only or hybrid synth setups. Talks focused on sound design, composition, and basic synthesis within the modular synth ecosystem.

Korg, WMDevices, BlipBlox, Starling Space, Poetic Vision Cables and Colorado Modular Synth Society members provided modules and gear to create a family-friendly interactive area with synthesizers everyone could play and experiment!

Colorado Modular Synth Festival 2019

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The 2019 CMSF Performing Artists

Performers at CMSF 2019
Nasty Nachos – 2:00 PMZack Hagan – 6:30 PM
Drift Diffusion – 2:30PMThe Aefonic – 7:00 PM
Gentleman Bastard – 3:00 PMGerald Fjord – 7:30 PM
Vino Malo – 3:30 PMWitch Butter – 8:00 PM*
Entrancer – 4:00 PMKip Schwinger – 8:30 PM*
Cold Future – 4:30 PMMarconian Influence – 9:00 PM*
Lofi Freq – 5:00 PMOther Types – 9:30 PM*
Mike Thomas – 5:30 PMLoveCosmicLove – 10:00 PM*
Sine Mountain – 6:00 PMCol Arete – 3:00 PM**

*Crazy Mountain Brewery Belmar **Colorado Media School

2019 Free Talks at Colorado Media School

Talks are held at the Colorado Media School.

  • Theremin, Musique Concrete, and Live Sampling, Oh My is at 2:30.
  • Right Brain Sound Design is at 3:15.
  • Sound Synthesis 101 is at 4:00.

About CMSS

CMSS is made up of over a hundred members. We build, play and share knowledge about the ever-growing and expanding world of modular synthesis. Events are free and the environment is friendly!

CMSS members building synthesizer modules DIY style

If you would like to help with a future event or learn more you can reach David Soto at