Welcome to the Colorado Modular Synth Society

Your Local Modular Synth Community No Matter Where You Live

Modular synthesis is our thing. We are a collection of newbies, builders, artists, and hobbyists. All backgrounds are welcome.

What is the Colorado Modular Synth Society or CMSS

The Colorado Modular Synth Society’s mission is to connect people with information, inspiration, and a community of peers fascinated with modular synthesizers. We are creating an inclusive environment to allow people to learn and explore different approaches to music making and music technology.

We now hold monthly events online or in person and have ongoing discussions on our Discord and Facebook group.

How to join the society

Joining society is free and doesn’t require you to live in Colorado or have experience in synthesis. We have members from all over the world, some with years of experience and some with none.

You should join if you love sharing patch ideas, troubleshooting, and generally geeking out on modular synths, tech, and music. CMSS focuses on modular synthesizers, but regardless of your knowledge of Eurorack, Buchla, Serge or any other voltage controlled gear you are welcomed to join the discussions and ask questions!

Performing on a CMSS show

Besides joining our Discord and Livestream chats, we also have opportunities for you to play or contribute videos and music. Be sure to join our mailing list and follow our social channels to hear about open calls for music submissions. 

We are also active in other groups’ and societies’ modular synth events. If you are in Colorado, we recommend signing up for WMDevices’ monthly Freq Boutique and checking out their ‘Patched Out’ event. Colorado’s modular synth scene is growing, and we are ensuring a healthy community is here to support it; let us know if you are putting on events or need help starting a group of your own!

How to support CMSS

We have a Bandcamp page and gear for sale to help fund the group. We also have an affiliate link with Perfect Circuit. This is helpful since colorado does not have a dedicated store for modular synths; many of us our ordering online, so please consider using this link if you buy from Perfect Circuit.

Use this link when shopping at Perfect Circuit