Sync – Live Modular Synth Duets and Visuals – Feb 26 – Denver

Ambient and Down Tempo Edition

Modular Synth Ambient, Daytime show on Feb 26th starting at 2 PM at Scorpio Palace.

Sync is a series of live performances with two or more modular synthesists performing in tangent with a shared clock, signal flow, or modulation.

This edition of SYNC is a daytime event at Scorpio Palace. It will feature visuals by Disaster Girl. Performing artists are Sine Mountain, Drift Diffusion, Rayonism, Monoscene, Memorybell, Kip Schwinger, Egghead9, Elox en Carolina. The live show starts at 2 PM and will last until 5 Pm. We are asking for a $5 donation. There is a bar, so please bring your ID.

Scorpio Palace is located at 3553 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO, United States, Colorado