A new Colorado Modular Synth Society event for multiple artists to perform at once using a shared clock source.

What is Sync?

Teams of 2 or more are invited to perform a 10-15 minute set using a a shared clock source. After each performance, artists will discuss the patch and share any tips! Performance can be improv or rehearsed!

When and where is Sync?

The show starts at 2 PM on Sunday 22nd and will be live-streamed on our CMSS YouTube channel.

How can I play Sync?

Stay tuned for the next open call to play. The August show is booked for now.

Please read the rules and submit your request to play. Future shows will have chances for you to send in a performance if you can not join at the live event. Space and time is limited so apologies if you are not picked.

  • Rules to play
  • At least one modular synth has to be part of the performance.
  • This event requires that you are vaccinated.
  • No covers (we get dinged on YouTube for copyright infringement)
  • You have to show up at least 30 minutes before the show starts.