Space and Sky Events

Space music has roots in ambient and new-age music. Still, we recognize that the genre has expanded since its inception on programs like Hearts of Space, and the nature of modular synth music further expands this deep-listening categorization. Artists have the freedom to explore in this space (excuse the pun) and have few restrictions resulting in entrancing compositions.

February Skies (Premieres 2/27 2 PM MST)

There are plenty of cold nights but the daylight is legnthing so we venture further out of our homes.

November Skies

Late Fall skies bring in strange clouds and Jinkshq – Kitty Xiao – Snowdn – Carnalex -Rlung – Malarki – Tunegirl – Jnatra – Aqeel Aadam and POB!

July Skies

The Summer lineup includes Marika Tjelios, Only Ruin, Scott Metoyer, redstripedown, Cindy Reichel, Gerald Fjord, Todd Barton, Sarah Belle Reid, and r beny.

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April Skies

This amazing concert featured Trovarsi, Kevin Rix, Megan Leber, The Aefonic, Mike Thomas, The Galaxy Electric, Balance Spring, Wac Lounge, Rayonism.

January Skies

Our second event featured Joel St. Julien, Memorybell, dBLay, Audible Void, Modular Marie, Thamel, The Surging Mass, Tulpa Dusha, and Omri Cohen!

October Skies

Our inaugural concert featured performances by IIITAIII, Alias Zone, Space Racer, Johno Wells, Nasty Nachos, Dub Station Zero, Monoscene, Jungle of Wires, and Sine Mountain.